Travel – 7 Types of Travelling Mate You Must Know

Travel - 7 Types of Travelling Mate You Must Know

Do You Have a Friend Like This Type?

Yeah! This time, I wanna talk about “friends”, not in the drama of it but about travelling friend, or travelling mate, for a lack of better term. Now, let’s introduce you to the types of travelling mates, so in the future you won’t make any grave mistakes in choosing the right one for your travel, right?

1. The Planner Travel

7 Types of Travelling Mate You Must Know !

When you said, “Let’s go to Sumbawa, guys!” The Planner must always have THOUSANDS of questions in his mind, like: “What is our ride there? When? How long will the journey take? Who’s coming with us? What’ll we going to do there? Where’ll we go once we got there?”

This type of travelling companion is the most enthusiastic of them all. Unfortunately, this planner sometimes like to suddenly cancel the-already- planned-vacation ‘cause he claimed to “have other plans”. It is suggested to not be furious when The Planner does this, for it’s only a waste of everyone energy and time.

2. The Adventurer Travel

7 Types of Travelling Mate You Must Know

This type of travelling companion is a true believer of the YOLO principle, like the one in that insurance ad… This daredevil will do anything you ask him to do… he’ll go hiking, jungle trekking, parasailing, or even base jumping… he’ll try just about anything to fulfill his thirst for adventure. Just, make sure to prepare a thick wallet and a metal cojones to keep up with this Adventurer yass? And don’t forget that none of y’all are bulletproof… Stay safe, amigo…


3. The Messy Travel

7 Types of Travelling Mate You Must Know


If you’re one of the rare breed who own a clean-and- tidy room, make sure that you won’t have The Messy as your roommate or travelling companion. Y’know those kind of people, the Messy would have a pile of junk in exchange for the spot of his living space… it would be a disaster to travel in a road trip with The Messy… Case in point, imagine if you’ve to share a tent with The Messy but it would be so full of his unattended stuff…


4. The Night Owl Travel

7 Types of Travelling Mate You Must Know

Here’s the thing, you planned a morning trip for your vacation, but, as usual this night owl would just about to get up from his bed. We would’ve missed the sunrise if we go for mountaintop hiking. To avoid this predicament, our suggestion is to prepare as much repetitive alarm clock on your and everyone phones as possible and put it around the spot where The Night Owl sleeps.

5. The Thrifty Travel

7 Types of Travelling Mate You Must Know


The advantage of having this kind of companion is she will help you in budgeting you allowance or salary. But, sometimes she will be too thrifty and could turn into being cheap causing you to miss the culinary travelling opportunity, especially if you’re going to Thailand. We’re sure there could be many factors making her this way, her bowel endurance of continuous consumption of instant noodles perhaps?


6. The “Expert” Critique Travel

7 Types of Travelling Mate You Must Know

This type of travelling companion seemed like an expert on the topic. She always got something to say about everything during the planning or worst on the duration of your travel. For example: The food in that restaurant isn’t delicious, that hotel is filthy, the transports are uncomfortable and etc… She’ll keep going on and on about it until the end of the journey. This kind of travel mate are one of the worst and we suggest not to ever take The Critique with you, well, unless you’re one of those blessed with the patience of a Religious Saint.

7. The Selfie Addict Travel

7 Types of Travelling Mate You Must Know

As the name suggest, this type of travelling companion are those who are addicted to selfie . This habit is tolerable as long as they won’t halt the progress of your journey… like it’s ok to take 2-3 selfies every 5 to 10 miles, but a selfie for every mile is a big no- no… The solution is to put this kind of travel mate in the Documentation team. This way, everybody wins and he or she would definitely upload it to their Instagram ASAP. Or, if you want to avoid the whole debate on the technical side of documentation with The Critique or The Selfie Addict, you should just hire an expert Documentation Team such as the ones that we have in Concept & Creation. Because our nationally-certified multimedia team could be the solution in your documentation problem, be it in your travel or any event you held.

So, out of those 7 types, which one are you? Or have you encountered any of them on your travel? There is no such thing as a perfect friend, but at the very least choose your travelling companion wisely in order to experience your best vacation.

Contributor : Rizqi Maulana & Claro Agosto M.

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